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Increase the security of your home, reduce outside noise, and make your property warmer by having your double glazed windows and doors repaired. Over the years your windows may begin to look very worn , old outdated and draughty but all of the worn parts can be changed so they work like they did when they where brand new or even better as the new glass units are argon gas filled energy efficient units and your frames can be kept and cleaned. This way no damage is caused to your property by taking out the frames. Contact Windowtech Wirral, Merseyside, for further information about our repair services. No job is too too small for us.


If your ever unfortunate enough to have had your window broken I can replace your broken glass and dispose of your broken unit . If your windows are fairly old then the new glass will improve the windows energy efficiency.


over time the rubber seals on your windows or doors may crack or rip resulting in draughty windows or doors , these can be replaced to give a nice seal again like when they where new


If your in the unfortunate position where someone has broken a window and you need to make your home secure for the evening then give me a call anytime and i can board the window up and order a new replacement unit in the morning.

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Window mechanisms are the locking strip that secures your window when you pull the handle down , Not many people lubricate the moving parts of there windows and doors once they are installed so the mechanisms rust over time and become stiff , this usually results in the handle being forced the stiffer they become and eventually the mechanism breaks . Even if the mechanism breaks when the window is in the locked position i can still repair these so don't worry you don't need a new window just yet

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After time the seal on a double glazed unit can begin to break down and eventually condensation will begin to appear in between the two panes of glass . instead of replacing the whole window frame just the glass can simply be replaced and will improved the energy performance of your windows or why not upgrade your existing windows to Argon gas filled Planitherm double glazed units which will prevent loosing heat through your windows in the winter and keep the inside of your home cool in the summer

Handle and Hinge Replacement

Handle and Hinge Replacement

After years of doing there job the hinges (friction stays) may become rusty or snap which will stop your windows from opening and closing and sealing properly leaving draughts coming through your windows. A common problem with these is that the cap at the top or side opposite the handle side wears away and doesn't pull the window in tight . sometimes the gap can be as big as having the window locked on the night vent so as you can imagine you will loose a lot of heat through your windows during the cooler months. these can be replaced and will have your windows operating like they where new

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